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Support Bill C-373 and let your Member of Parliament know!

Please join over 145,000 supporters who have signed petitions and rallied across Canada asking the Gov’t to Support Bill C-373 (An Act to Amend the Criminal Code: Cruelty to Animals) and reject S-203 to Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada with effective legislation! Also supported by every animal welfare group in Canada inc CVMA, CFHS, IFAW, SPCA, WSPA, Protective services, etc!

UPDATE!! ON Wed Apr 9, the Govt passed useless S-203!
We really need your help to show them we’re not settling for this placebo bill! Please cont to write letters, email, call your MP, petitions, etc! We really need to keep the pressure on so they don’t let this issue slide and let every1 think they accomplished something they didnt! Please help spread the word! We need all your help to push the Goct for effective legislation! Ask them to support C-373 as a Govt Bill! More info up soon!

Bill S-203 is a sham, promoted by politicians to placate the Canadian public while avoiding meaningful change. Its only new provision is an increase in the maximum penalties judges can impose. This will not help the animals because it’s nearly impossible to prosecute animal cruelty in Canada – less than one percent of animal abuse complaints lead to convictions. What good are stronger penalties when we can’t get convictions?

Why Bill S-203 (formerly S-213) needs to be rejected:
• it only covers animals that are “property”; therefore, “unowned” animals, such as strays and wildlife will not be protected. Animal cruelty provisions should protect all animals not just “those kept for a lawful purpose”
• it does not include a clear and concise definition of “animal”
• it does not criminalize individuals who train or organize animals to fight other animals or those who bet on animal fights
• it does not make it an offence to kill an animal with brutal and/or vicious intent, whether or not the animal dies immediately
• it makes it virtually impossible to prosecute cases of neglect because it’s antiquated 116 yr old wording remains

The danger of Bill S-203 is that it could create an illusion that strong action has been taken, when it has not. ANIMAL ABUSE AND CRUELTY WILL CONTINUE TO GO UNPUNISHED!

THERE IS A BETTER WAY: BILL C-373, a private member’s Bill, would increase penalties for animal cruelty offences and effectively close the loopholes in the Criminal Code that make it difficult for enforcement agencies and the courts to convict animal abusers. Despite unfounded paranoia fueled by uninformed MP’s and misguided people, C-373 protects against prosecution and allows for all regular hunting, fishing, farming, ranching, industry practices to continue!

Please see “amendments at a glance” for bill differences

More great info can be found at CFHS! http://cfhs.ca/ http://cfhs.ca/law/federal_legislation/

MP Mark Holland’s link w/ Bill info

Mark speaks in the House against S-203, Mar 10

sePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&Parl=39&Ses=2&DocId=3389917#OOB-2398568″>Hansard link to read latest S-203 debate, Apr 4/08

Pet-Abuse.com http://www.pet-abuse.com/pages/home.php

Joint press release from CFHS, IFAW and WSPA Apr 1/08

NEW WEBSITE! Joint website from CFHS, IFAW and WSPA! Please go there for info on how MP’s voted, links for letters! Check it out!
dontbecruel.ca or dontbecruel.org

Please help protect animals in Canada from neglect and abuse by taking a moment to call your MP and have your voices heard! Please help spread the word and pass this page on! More Info on Facebook group Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada with Bill C-373! Join us here for the latest news, media stories and discussion! Have list of how MP’s are voting Wed Apr 9/08, please add to it! C all MP’s add’s in discussion. Also C info about S-203 debate, Apr 4/08. Thanx for supporting effective animal cruelty legislation in Canada! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2559701041


Canada wide rallies were held on Mar 30th in Montreal, Toronto, Windsor, Ottawa, Calgary, Sarnia, Yellowknife and Vancouver to ask the Govt to Vote NO to S-203 and support effective animal cruelty legislation like C-373! Thank you to all who worked so hard to organize these important shows of support on such short notice, you raised so much awareness and at such a critical time! Thanks to all who attended w even shorter notice! You’re voices were deffinetly heard! Huge thanks to the speakers who took the time out of their busy schedules to inspire and educate so many! Thank you Canada wide media who helped us get the word out! We woudn’t have got nearly this far without you! Kudos to the animal groups who have been fighting for these changes for decades! Thank you to each and every person who has signed petitions, wrote letters, rallied, attended courthouse protests! Together we’ll keep fighting and we will make a difference! Thank you all Bill C-373 – effective animal cruelty legislation supporters!!

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Falling Behind:
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