Petition Update


Update on Provincial/Federal animal cruelty laws and related animal issues.

FEDERAL animal cruelty laws (C-229)-
Things are going well with the petition to change Canada’s Criminal code- cruelty to animals! Please continue to mail, call and email your MP also!
Please keep up the great work and continue to spread the word on this Canada wide petition asking for changes to our federal animal cruelty laws!
(Let’s go for a million sig’s this time- Since 111,896 wasn’t enough last time!)


Facebook group-

ONTARIO Provincial animal cruelty laws-
Mar 1st was a day to celebrate Ontario’s new and improved animal cruelty laws! This will help stop dog fighting, puppy mills, etc! Great to see one province making changes! (Hopefully the rest amend their badly outdated laws also until we can get some federal ones that work!)

Ontario reforms provincial animal cruelty laws

Shelters rejoice as Ontario proclaims Animal Welfare Act
Ontario’s new rules get tough on animal abusers

New law has more bite

MANITOBA and QUEBEC Prov animal cruelty laws-
Quebec’s government set to strengthen measures to prevent pet cruelty

Puppy mill dogs surrendered to SPCA

NWT/Northern animal cruelty laws (which don’t exist)-
Hail to the NWT Justice System – Northern Dogs Lose Again

Animal neglect charge stayed against northern artist

Online petition-

N.B.- Rumour is, there may be one or 2 rallys coming up there soon? I’ll post any info I get under post on sites!

(Please note, there’s at least 2-100 petitions going around NB, lol all asking for changes to federal laws, ones ours and any Cdn can sign, one is being presented there and only people from NB can sign as is addressed to their Parliament, please if your not from NB be sure to sign ours at top there so your signature counts! Always check on petition who the residents are that it applies to!? Thanx!)

N.B. man acquitted of animal cruelty in dog deaths

More Animal Cruelty stories-
B.C.- man charged with animal cruelty after girlfriend’s cat punched in the face-

N.S.- Dog died after being hanged from tree, SPCA says

Hunting, farming, fishing, etc DOES NOT pertain to current S-203 or C-229. What are allowable, standard practices are set by each industry. To change what is acceptable to you have to petition the industry to change or start a whole new law, bill, etc so.. to those following this highly political, ongoing debate, here’s a few things to mention!

Seal bill clubbed with lack of support

Send a letter thru IFAW-

Upcoming Calgary RALLY Mar 14th-

NOTE about petitions! The federal one (top) one can be signed by any Cdn, supporting changes to federal laws, it is being presented in House of Commons in Ottawa. There’s a link in there to support an online version if you are not Canadian and you’d like to have your voice heard (comments there are nice 2!). Petitions should really only be signed by the people in the area it pertains to. You don’t have to be 18 to sign paper version.

Please make sure petitions you sign meet the following guidelines,
(on petitions, the info sections will tell you by who it is addressed to, whether you could legally sign it or not. Ex. My sig from AB won’t help a BC petition for amendments to their Prov laws there, it applies to that area and constituents and must state who it address’ and the residents and therefore who it would pertain to. Nor will my sig count towards federal law changes if the petition is addressed to SK Parliament, says we the residents of SK and is being presented there.)
Online petitions can’t be presented alone in the House of Commons, but can sometimes be taken into consideration with presentation of legal paper petition (as mentioned with our last presentation), they aren’t inc in final sig tally by clerk of petitions, but can still sometimes have abit of impact.
That’s why our online version is identical to paper version (both are in that same link), sigs can be verified and will be printed and we’re hoping that people from around the world will sign that one as support and it gets mentioned if enough sig’s!?

Spread the Word:

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Help stop the Seal slaughter


Canadian Animal Abuse Database

To view Animal abuse cases in Canada: Click Here


Permission to use photos of Queen Waldorf provided by Niagara Falls Humane Society


Falling Behind:
An international comparison of Canada's
Animal Cruelty Legislation

Click Here to view
Permission to post cruelty report given by IFAW