Online Petition to strengthen animal protection laws

Olivia Chow, MP for Trinity-Spadina in Toronto, has an online petition asking the Federal government to strengthen animal protection laws.

Please take a moment to sign the petition:

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One Response to “Online Petition to strengthen animal protection laws”

  1. The disgusting idea of harming any living creature is totally abhorrent to me! Children & animals have no voice when abuse of any kind occurs. We must have ‘STRONGER’ Laws to punish those who ‘CHOOSE’ cruelty in the treatment of animals. The story of this sweet little horse, sickened me & brought me to tears! We MUST seek justice that fits CRIMES OF CRUELTY toward animals. Our elected representatives need to realize that ‘cruelty of any kind is a choice an individual makes’. Those who ‘choose’ to personally harm any animal should be punished to the ‘FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW’!!! A small fine & stern talking to by the judicial system does not cut it! I hope that anyone who chooses cruelty in their treatment of animals should absolutely receive JAIL TIME befitting their crime, a LIFETIME BAN OF OWNING OR WORKING WITH ANIMALS & a ‘VERY LARGE’ MONETARY FINE. And if they say they are unable to pay the fine, their wages should be garnished and a lean put on their homes, property or vehicles, until it is paid! Cruelty of any kind should not be tolerated. It is just BULLYING that has evolved into Heinous actions that are being committed against those who are voiceless!
    Respectfully submitted

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