Animal Cruelty Petition 2009

Here is what Melissa from WSPA has to say in her e-mail to all those who care about animals:

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for everything you are doing. I’m sure you rarely receive the recognition you deserve and the speed of progress in this cause is rarely as fast as we would like. This makes volunteer advocates like you especially worthy of admiration and appreciation. You certainly have mine.

Secondly, I want to let you know that the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) supports your efforts. Here are a few things that we are doing to help achieve stronger legislation:

Animal Cruelty Crimes are still going unpunished in Canada

We’ve just compiled a list of recent animal cruelty cases that prove why further amendments to the Criminal Code are needed. Read it here:
This review received considerable media attention through a Canadian Press article that appeared in newspapers across the country over the Easter long weekend. Here’s a link to the full version of the article:
Please keep us informed if you hear of another animal cruelty case that goes unpunished. We’ll help make sure the media and MPs know about it.

Petition to the House of Commons

We’ve created a petition which you can download here: . Feel free to use it. I’ve attached a word version so you can replace WSPA’s name and address at the bottom with information about your organization but please keep us posted on how many signatures you have collected.

Petition Strategy

When we receive the signed petitions in our office, we count and sort them according to political ridings. We then ask the MPs who represent those ridings to formally introduce the petitions in the House of Commons on behalf of their constituents. It’s amazing how differently MPs respond to the issue when they know how many of their potential voters support an issue! We also try to meet with as many of these MPs as we can to properly brief them on our concerns. We highly encourage you to adopt this strategy or send the signed petitions to our office and we’ll do the work.

Other Petitions

If you are using a different petition that’s great too but we’d like to discuss whether we should incorporate all of our ideas and all use the same version. WSPA supports Mark Holland’s private members bill but we decided not to mention it because it dates the petition. For example: Bill C-373 no longer exists so it is no longer relevant to submit petitions asking Parliament to pass it. While Mark Holland has re-introduced the bill, it’s now called C-229 and it is not scheduled for debate any time soon. Ideally we would like to encourage another MP who has the ability to bring forward a bill sooner to introduce a similar bill (particularly an MP from the governing party). So instead of referencing a specific bill, we think it’s better to describe why stronger legislation is necessary.

Write to the Minister of Justice

WSPA has also created an online action centre at to generate more letters to the Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson. More than 4500 letters have been sent in just a week! So please help us maintain pressure on the Minister! He could ultimately introduce a government bill similar to bill C-229 (and all the good bills before it) and it would have a better chance of passing in the House of Commons. And if you know people who live in the Minister’s riding of Niagara Falls – we particularly need their help.

We would really appreciate your help in maintaining momentum on this issue. Please keep us posted of your activities. We’re happy to support your efforts in any way that we can.

I hope we can all help together or at the very least keep in touch with one another about what we are doing. If we can support each other’s work, we will be much more effective.

I’ve copied Barbara Cartwright, IFAW’s Campaign Manager and Shelagh MacDonald, CFHS’s Program Director on this email as I know we’d all benefit greatly from their suggestions on how to move this campaign forward. IFAW and CFHS have been leading the campaign to modernize Canada’s animal cruelty legislation since the first bill to update the law was introduced 10 years ago.

Thanks for all you are doing. Keep it up!

For the animals,

Melissa Tkachyk, B.Env.Sc, M.E.S.
Programs Officer
WSPA Canada
World Society for the Protection of Animals
90 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 960
Toronto, ON M4P 2Y3
p: (416) 369-0044 x108
f: (416) 369-0147
tf: 1-800-363-9772

WSPA, the World Society for the Protection of Animals works internationally to improve the welfare of animals and end cruelty towards them. To find out more about our work log on to:

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  1. Hi,

    Your petition sounds wonderful! I have also started a petition asking for the same thing. I’m close to 700 signatures.
    Here’s my link,

    Perhaps we can find a way of working together?


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